ESSENTRICS TV is a new online streaming platform that gives you access to a collection of DVDs and exclusive workouts from Essentrics and Classical Stretch, the #1 fitness program on Public Television. Access our videos—anytime, anywhere—from your computer, smartphone or tablet to create your own workout schedule.

What does a membership consist of?

Unlimited online access to a collection of the latest Essentrics and Classical Stretch workout DVDs, along with new & exclusive workout clips added monthly.

What DVD titles are available on ESSENTRICS TV?

ESSENTRICS: Essentrics Body Sculpting Vol.2Full Body Workout Vol.3Essentrics Stretch Series Vol.1, Pain Relief Workouts, Toning for Beginners, Full Body Toning, Aging Backwards for Beginners (Posture & Pain-Relief and Mobility & Bone Strengthening), The Ultimate Stretch Workouts, Barre Workout , Strength & Stretch in Motion, Class of 2012, Pregnancy Workout, Conditioning for Runners, and The Body Sculpting Series
ESSENTRICS (in French): Entraînement à la barre, Étirer et renforcer en mouvement, Classe de 2012
CLASSICAL STRETCH: Season 12 TV series (30 episodes), Season 11 TV series (30 episodes), Season 10 TV series (30 episodes), Season 9 TV series (30 episodes), Season 8 TV Series (30 episodes), Season 7 TV Series (30 episodes), and Vintage Classical Stretch Workouts: Arms & Abs, Legs & Butt, and Full Body Workout 


*Subject to change

Getting Started

What does a monthly membership cost?
A membership costs $14.95 + applicable taxes, per month.

What are the terms of the membership?
Membership subscriptions renew on a monthly basis. Your subscription will be renewed automatically unless a cancellation is requested. You can request  a cancellation by e-mailing your full name, email address (same one used to create your account) and invoice number to: etvsubscriptions@essentrics.comYour membership will be terminated in the hours following your request.

Membership Management

How do I cancel my membership?
You can request a cancellation by emailing your full name, email address (same one used to create your account) and invoice number to: Your membership will be terminated in the hours following your request.

What happens when you cancel your membership halfway through a 30-day period?
If you cancel your membership halfway through a 30-day period, you will lose access to your account in the hours following your request. No refund will be provided if the cancellation occurs during the ongoing month.

How do I reactivate my account?
You cannot reactivate a canceled membership. You must instead purchase a new membership in which the new purchase date will become the new billing date.

How can I verify my membership date?
You can verify your membership date by logging into the “My Account” section of the website.

Will my membership renew on the first day of each month or will it depend on the initial sign-up date?
Your membership will renew based on your initial sign-up date. This can be found under “My Account”.


How can I change my credit card and billing information?
Please contact us by phone at: 514-989-0236 to update your credit card and billing information as the options differ depending on your inital payment method.

How will the charge appear on my credit card?
The charge will appear as a recurring membership fee from The Esmonde Technique.

How can I verify my billing history?
You can verify your billing history by logging into the “My Account” section of the website.

How can I determine my billing date?
You can determine your billing date by logging into the “My Account” section of the website.


Is my credit card and personal information secure?
We ensure that our customers and any information requested are secure. All of our order pages use the most advanced encryption technology called Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and all credit card numbers and personal information is encrypted, making it impossible for anyone to access or see it.

What is ESSENTRICS TV’s Privacy Policy?
Your personal information is used strictly for processing your order and to keep you informed about your account and about the latest Essentrics and ESSENTRICS TV news. We do not share your personal information and we will not submit you to any form of spam.

Help with Video Streaming, Viewing on Other Devices

Can I view the content on other devices?
You can stream ESSENTRICS TV on any computer, smartphone or tablet with a web browser and active Internet connection.

Are the videos found on ESSENTRICS TV available to download?
No, ESSENTRICS TV videos are not available to download as they can only be streamed online.

What do I do if the videos won't load?
Log into your ESSENTRICS TV account and click on the ESSENTRICS TV pink link. This will refresh your session.

For any other questions, please contact us at