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Essentrics Instructors Facebook Group

This is a private group for Essentrics Instructors & Apprentice Instructors only where we will share new exercises, mini-workshops, and music, as well as answer any questions you might have.

Essentrics Instructor Pledge of Allegiance

I understand that Essentrics is a stand-alone full-body strengthening and stretching program, which must be taught in its entirety. Workouts are broken down into a set of exercises that are sequenced in a specific order to unlock the muscles and rebalance the body. I will therefore pledge to teach the Essentrics Workout within the guidelines and boundaries specified in my training.

I understand that I am obliged to teach the Pre-Choreographed Workout routines, in order to maintain the integrity of the Esmonde Technique. It is only when I graduate from Level 4, that I may be entitled to create my own Essentrics routine.

I agree not to call the exercises I use Essentrics if I use them separately from a full-body workout.

I agree not to call a class Essentrics if I have fused it with other exercise techniques.

My desire is to help each and every student that I am in contact with, to achieve a healthy, fit and pain-free body. By teaching Essentrics as it was intended, I know that the results will be true and fast for all my students.

As a teacher, I am making a commitment to continue to learn more about the body and about the Essentrics technique so that I may pass on this knowledge to my students.

As a member of Essentrics Instructors, I will attend online workshops or live workshops and pledge to teach Essentrics in its pure form.

I understand my rights in using the Essentrics name, logo, marketing tools, photos and videos and will follow the guidelines for creating my own promotional videos and other forms of media related to Essentrics.

I agree to ensure the confidentiality and copyright of the training materials and related content.

I will comply with all agreements concerning the licensing of and any affiliation with Essentrics and opening an Essentrics Studio.

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Marketing tools for certified Essentrics Instructors

These special tools will help you to market and sell your class to clients whether they are gyms, studios or your friends next door. They were also created to ensure that the Essentrics program is uniformly described on all websites and schedules. By providing you with pamphlets and business card templates, we make it easier for you to approach and inspire new potential clients! These tools are only available to apprentice level instructors.

We are revamping our tool kit, contact us to receive it when it's ready.