Classical Stretch Season 9
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"Weight Loss and Pain Relief Series"

Complete Season 9 on DVD - Episodes 1 to 30 (4 disc set)
2012 TV series, Broadcasted on American Public Television

Also available on ESSENTRICS TV - onlline streaming membership

We have discovered that chronic pain and injuries often prevent people from being able to achieve weight loss and body toning.  In Season 9 we try to give you a combination of workouts that will relieve pain and tone and strengthen your body.

The weight loss workouts
are fun and challenging aimed at melting the fat away while strengthening and toning the full body. Don’t forget to include a healthy diet in any weight loss program.

The pain relief workouts are a combination of deep stretch and targeted pain relief exercises. In addition these popular workouts are designed to relieve overall stress by releasing tension in the muscles and increasing full body circulation.

*If you are new to the technique we recommend that you start with these episodes*

Episode / Title / Type


901 / Weight Loss: Slenderizing Your Core
902 / Pain Relief: Hip & Foot Pain Workout*
903 / Weight Loss: Hips & Legs
904 / Weight Loss: Slenderizing Legs & Hips
905 / Pain Relief: Feet & Calf Healing*
906 / Weight Loss: Focusing on Leg Work
907 / Weight Loss: Ab & Waist
908 / Pain Relief: Quad & Hips*
909 / Weight Loss: Posture Workout
910 / Pain Relief: For the Back & Knees*
911 / Weight Loss: Slenderize Your Waist
912 / Weight Loss: Arm Slenderizing
913 / Weight Loss: Strengthen Spine & Improve Posture
914 / Pain Relief: Calf & Knee Strengthening*
915 / Weight Loss: For Legs & Arms

916 / Pain Relief: Focusing on Hips*
917 / Weight Loss: Increase Your Range of Motion
918 / Weight Loss: Hip Strengthening
919 / Weight Loss: Full Body Toning
920 / Weight Loss: Hip & Back Strengthening
921 / Pain Relief: Spine Strength & Flexibility*
922 / Weight Loss: Slenderize the Saddle Bags
923 / Weight Loss: Leg Slenderizers
924 / Weight Loss: Full Body Workout
925 / Weight Loss: Strengthen Your Hamstrings
926 / Pain Relief: Pain Prevention*
927 / Weight Loss: Full Body Strengthening
928 / Pain Relief: Hip Stretches *
929 / Weight Loss: Hips, Knees & Foot Workout
930 / Pain Relief: Frozen Shoulder*

Note:  Classical Stretch season 9 series works the entire body offering workouts that focus on weight-loss and pain relief, you can find both themes in one workout .

All Standing: 7,12,20,21,24,27,30

Weight-loss episodes: 1,3,4,6,7,9,11,12,13,15,17,18,19,20,22,23,24,25,27,29
These workouts will also tone and strengthen your muscles help improve posture, prevent and reverse osteoporosis.

Pain Relief Episodes: 2,5,8,10,14,16,21,26,28,30
These workouts will also help with flexibility, arthritis, healing, stress relief, back pain, surgery recovery, rehabilitation, fibromyalgia. Please note that these workout suggestions are only guidelines please consult your physician before doing any of the workouts.

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